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AGB – Aare Jungfrau Holiday

Our AGB`s listed at a glance for you with option to download. Take a look inside.

  1. General

These General Terms and Conditions of Contract (GTC) are an integral part of the contract between you and Aare Jungfrau AG, Lehngasse 41, 3812 Wilderswil.

  1. Reservation and conclusion of contract

You can book your rental property with Aare Jungfrau AG by telephone, verbally, in writing, by e-mail or via the Internet. With the arrival of your booking at Aare Jungfrau AG, the contract with Aare Jungfrau AG is considered concluded. From this point in time, the rights and obligations arising from the contract as well as these GTC become effective for you and Aare Jungfrau AG. You will receive a reservation confirmation from us. The information in the reservation confirmation (namely object, occupancy, duration, price) is binding. In the event of failure to pay the deposit in accordance with section 4.1, the contract shall lapse without further ado and you shall owe Aare Jungfrau AG the cancellation fee in accordance with section 9.

  1. Price / Price change

The prices published by Aare Jungfrau AG are daily prices for the entire rental property. The price published on the Internet (www.aarejungfrau-holiday.ch) is decisive. By booking you accept this price. Not included in the price and to be paid additionally are final cleaning and visitor’s tax. Additional services are also not included in the price. Prices are subject to change without notice. The information in the reservation confirmation is binding.

  1. Payment

The rental price is payable as follows:

4.1 25% deposit of accommodation fees – up to 7 days after booking 75% balance of accommodation fees plus. of additional costs (cleaning, tourist tax plus additional services) – 4 weeks before arrival 100% immediately if booked within 14 days before arrival

4.2. In the event of late payment of the remaining amount or the entire rental price in the case of short-term reservations, Aare Jungfrau AG has the right to refuse to hand over the rental object.

4.3 If the rental object is not taken over or is taken over late or is left prematurely, the entire rental price shall remain owed.

  1. Bed Linen & Towels

Bed linen and towels (washcloths, hand towels and shower towels) are included. If an additional set is required, an additional fee of CHF 6.00 will be charged.

  1. Extra bed & baby crib

An extra bed is charged at CHF 50.00 per stay, a baby crib at CHF 25.00 per stay.

  1. Pets (dogs)

Pets are allowed on request and a fee of CHF 30.00 per stay will be charged as an additional cleaning fee.

  1. Deposit

No deposit is required. The landlord has great confidence in his guests and attaches great importance to the fact that everything is treated with love. Damages will be charged afterwards.

  1. Cancellation policy

9.1. Cancellations made up to 6 weeks prior to arrival are not subject to cancellation fees.

9.2 In case of cancellation between 4 to 6 weeks prior to arrival, 25% of the total rental cost (accommodation fees, excluding incidental expenses) must be paid.

9.3 In case of cancellation within 4 weeks before arrival, the total price of the rental costs (accommodation fees, excluding incidental expenses) will be charged. The date of receipt of your cancellation notice by Aare Jungfrau AG is decisive (for Sundays or public holidays, the next working day is decisive).

  1. Minimum stay, arrival & departure

10.1 The minimum stay is 1 night, for Chalet Weid 2 nights.

10.2 From 16.00 the tenant can enter the house. The key can be found in the
Key safe next to the door. The code will be sent to the tenant by mail two days before arrival. If the tenant has not received it by one day before arrival, a short message is requested, the tenant should still check the spam folder beforehand.

10.3 By 10 o’clock the tenant must leave the house. It is essential to return the key to the key box.

10.4 Winter tires and snow chains are recommended in winter for the journey to Chalet Weid

  1. Unreasonable performance of the contract by Aare Jungfrau AG, replacement rental object

Aare Jungfrau AG is entitled to dissolve the contract before or during the rental period if unforeseeable or preventable circumstances make it impossible to hand over the rental object, endanger the tenants or the object or impair the performance of the service to such an extent that the execution of the contract is no longer reasonable. Payments already made will be refunded, if necessary with a deduction for services rendered. Aare Jungfrau AG has the right to assign you an equivalent replacement property instead. Aare Jungfrau AG is not liable for damages in any of these cases.

  1. Duties and liability of the tenant

The rental property may only be occupied by the number of persons (children and infants included) stated in the reservation confirmation. In case of overcrowding, Aare Jungfrau AG has the right to refuse to hand over the rental property. The rented property must be used with care. Consideration should also be shown to neighbors, etc. If the tenant or co-user causes damage, this must be reported immediately to Aare Jungfrau AG. The renter is liable for any damage caused by him or the co-users. The same applies if the apartment cannot be handed over to the new tenants.

  1. Complaints, claims for damages by the tenant

If the object is not in contractual condition or if you suffer damage, this must be reported to Aare Jungfrau AG immediately. If defects are not reported immediately upon commencement of the rental period, the rental object is presumed to be free of defects. If the defects occur during the rental period, the same rules apply. Any claims must be submitted to Aare Jungfrau AG in writing within four weeks of the contractual end of the rental period and the necessary evidence (photos, etc.) must be submitted. If you do not comply with the above rules, you forfeit all rights to compensation.

  1. Warranty and liability of Aare Jungfrau AG

14.1 Aare Jungfrau AG guarantees a rental object in conformity with the contract. Should the rental object not be in conformity with the contract, Aare Jungfrau AG has the right to offer you an equivalent replacement object. If you refuse this, you have no claims for damages against Aare Jungfrau AG. If Aare Jungfrau AG cannot offer you an equivalent replacement object, the liability of Aare Jungfrau AG is based on the following provisions.

14.2 Aare Jungfrau AG is only liable in case of fault. The liability of Aare Jungfrau AG for negligence is excluded. The liability of Aare Jungfrau AG for auxiliary persons is excluded. The liability of Aare Jungfrau AG for other than personal injury is limited to the rental price (whereby the claims of all persons involved are added together). Aare Jungfrau AG is not liable for uselessly spent vacation time, lost vacation enjoyment, frustration damage and the like. Aare Jungfrau AG is not liable in particular if the damage is due to
– Actions or omissions on your part or on the part of a third party that has
co-using person;
– Acts of third parties;
– force majeure;
– other events that could not be foreseen and averted;
– Damage and losses resulting from burglary. For non-contractual
Liability, these provisions apply analogously
– COVID /pandemic/epidemic

  1. Choice of law and place of jurisdiction

The relationship between you and Aare Jungfrau AG is governed exclusively by Swiss law. The place of jurisdiction for disputes arising from this contract is agreed to be Thun/BE, Switzerland. Aare Jungfrau AG has the right to sue you also at the court of your domicile.

  1. Final provision

Amendments or supplements to these General Terms and Conditions of Business must be made in writing to be effective, as must their cancellation. The Lessor reserves the right to change the GTC for the future at any time. The GTC at the time of the conclusion of the contract shall apply in each case.